Employability Statement

South East Technological University develops graduates with the academic excellence and the employability knowledge and competencies required to take advantage of global opportunities. We engage our students to learn and innovate, empowering them to become confident effective leaders in society. Our graduates are fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards.

Working closely with employers, professional bodies, community and local partners, SETU Carlow designs courses, which target specific employment areas. We have identified the skills, knowledge and competencies that employers need and want. Our graduates are employed across all sectors. SETU Carlow is instrumental in bringing employers to our regions while developing indigenous innovative employment opportunities. With a focus on holistic development, opportunities to develop employability competencies are also provided through engagement with sport, clubs, societies, community engagement, social and voluntary activities.

Employer expectations change and SETU Carlow anticipates these changes, adapts courses and approaches. As new career opportunities arise and old ones transform, our links with employers, from course design to course assessment, harness their expertise, through a partnership approach, to ensure that our graduates are at an advantage when entering the world of work.

Employability skills are embedded in all courses. Work based learning is a key feature of all courses. The student experience includes a strong focus on self-reflection, innovation and entrepreneurship. We encourage our students to broaden their horizons, through travel and international placement, as part of their studies. External professional and industrial expertise is captured by SETU Carlow in course development and delivery. During their course of study, through site visits, work based learning and work placements, our students experience first-hand how the workplace operates.

Enhancing employability is a lifelong learning process. Academic courses, focusing on updating knowledge and competencies, are available throughout the student’s career. Additionally, for current students, the ability to present their profile to employers, in writing, in person and online is facilitated through our Careers Service. With exciting and diverse futures ahead of our graduates, we are here to prepare graduates to adapt and manage their careers in order to meet the challenges and opportunities throughout their life. They are at home in the changing environment of the present and prepared for the workplace of the future.