Campus 威廉希尔体育APP_威廉希尔中文网站-下载网址 Centre

The University's R&D activities are complemented by various campus-based specialist centres and campus companies such as the Campus 威廉希尔体育APP_威廉希尔中文网站-下载网址 Centre. This Centre offers research projects access to a range of facilities and supports designed to accelerate R&D for new product and process ideas.  Many successful companies have emerged from the Campus 威廉希尔体育APP_威廉希尔中文网站-下载网址 Centre including Irish Skin Care Ltd. (research and development of skin care products) and Deycom Ltd (providers of specialist computer systems).

In addition to providing development space in a fully serviced building, access is also provided to various SETU Carlow support services through the Research & Commercialisation Support Centre. 


Mr Bryan Corden,
Managing Director of Deycom Computer Services Ltd.
"The facilities that were provided to Deycom at the Institute of Technology Carlow (now SETU Carlow), including access to market research students, electronic testing facilities and access to the computing department for technical advice, were key elements in the success and development of Deycom. After just two years in the facility, Deycom had increased its workforce from two to seven staff. From the Campus 威廉希尔体育APP_威廉希尔中文网站-下载网址 Centre, the company purchased its own premises in Carlow and now employs fourteen staff. The Directors of Deycom firmly believe that the Campus 威廉希尔体育APP_威廉希尔中文网站-下载网址 Centre was a major factor in the success of Deycom and see such facilities as extremely important for the development of innovative businesses."